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Kinda trying to start..

I don't write here often because I'm not sure what to write about but now I just feel like writing though I don't know what to write about yet. I guess I find it hard to really start because if I were to write something about my life, then where should I start?! Whichever point of my life I choose to be the beginning, if I choose today to write about, it's gonna be vague because there's more than 21 years of events before that by leading from one to the other, finally led to today.

I'm a pretty detailed person and always feel like I can't skip anything in order to get the picture accurately; hence I was some people's favorite for when they miss an episode of a show they like because I could recite every single scene with practically the exact dialougues and explain the expressions on the actors' faces and their body language. Some of course, so hated that because they don't care about the details and would only want the summary instead of an explanation that takes longer than the actual show or movie. But I just don't know how to summarize things. I can't decide that one thing is less important than the other.

Last night I was watching an episode of Shin Doumoto Kyoudai from 2008 with script writer and director, Mitani Kouki, and they were discussing how some people talk or get distracted by something while watching a movie and Fukada Kyouko said that she often did that. He and Koichi both got mad at her and Mitani said something like, "Do you know how much trouble we script writers go through to write it?!" They told her how that one scene or word that she missed because she was distracted was important. That's kinda how I feel.

Well, I guess somehow I did start writing something here :)
I just went with the flow of the keys on the keyboard and I managed to say that I'm detailed, 21 years old and that I watch Japanese shows. I guess that's not bad for a start and I guess I say "I guess" way too much. :P
Tags: details, doumoto kyoudai, fukada kyouko, japanese, life, livejournal, mitani kouki

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